What makes Rare Drams unique? 

Rare Drams:

Grabbing our scotch says a great deal about you. You value excellence, and cherish the craftsmship that goes along with specialization. You like things unique. You appreciate the finer things in life. You are a true rare drams drinker.

To match your expectations, we carefully select our retail partners and ensure that the staff are aware of the distinct tastes and flavours in our drams. We also set up a Rare Drams tasting for their most valued customers, YOU, and with over 100 unique malts to choose from, we hope to have our partners for quite some time

Enjoy our unique selection.

Romance and The Single Cask:

There is a romance to a Douglas Laing scotch. Each bottle you drink derives from a single cask. Unlike Distillery bottling which brings together several hundred casks at a time, Douglas Laing's Malts come from only a single cask. Matured and bottled when they feel that particular whisky has reached it's perfection. This means we have unique vintages such as 11, 13, or 17.

Each Douglas Laing release, even from the same distillery brings with it a unique taste. No one cask is the same as another. The Malt whisky retains the individual flavours and nuances extracted from their maturation. All of our Malts have limitted quantities, unlike the thousands you can expect from a large distillers production run. 

No drink epitomizes history quite like scotch. To develop a taste that is exactly right some casks take ten years, some eleven, others seventeen or twentyfive. Can you imaginge drinking a forty year old dram? In the first forty years of entering the cask, Neil Armstrong made his first 'step for mankind'. Or perhaps you are enjoying a thirteen year old Laphroaig. Celebrating nothing but the drink's uniqueness. 

As we grow we are continually on the lookout for unique, quality products. This is why we have been selected to represent 2 new brands. 





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